Matte and Gel? Isn’t it contradicting? This is my first impression when I got a complimentary gift to try from @Influenster. As I got home from work, I received #MarcJacobs Beauty Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon for #free for me to test. As I have read the label, I just said to myself, “Ooooh, matte!” I love matte lippies as it stays longer than the glossy one. However, we all know how dry it is when we apply it. That’s why it stays longer, right?

So I received the purple and brown color and since I love brown eye liner, I tried it first. This @MarcBeauty #highliner is super-malleable gel eyeliner that glides on really smoothly. Yes, you heard me right, it was so smooth and silky to apply. What can a make up lover like me could ask for?

photo courtesy by Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon is perfect for quickies! As I always rush to go for work, date with my hubby, or even night out with my girlf friends, this is the magic wand for irresistable look that lasts for 12 hours!


Do you need to hear more?! A matte, a gel that makes it easy to apply and that last for 12 hours. I have one more last hoozah on this highliner. Would you believe that this is water proof? Yup! Even if you got teary eyed on a movie night, it still gives you a stunning look!

photo from Pinterest

I just can’t wait for you to try this yourself. I will definitely keep this part of my make up kit for life! Head to the nearest Sephora and check out the other colors they have. I am highly recommending this to all #makeup luvies! Can’t wait to have all the colors available!


  1. Kristina says:

    I’ll have to try this out. Never heard of it. I do like Sephora for makeup and skin care products too. They have a lot to look at there!

  2. Jeanine says:

    Never heard of these. Great way to add some color to your eyes and draw attention to them. The colors are pretty and can make your eyes pop and compliment them.

  3. Ana De- Jesus says:

    Wow matte and gel? Your right mattes can be quite drying so I like the sound of a product that can create the perfect balance between the two. I have never shopped at Sephora before will have to check it out x

  4. Journa Ramirez says:

    I love your look! Actually, I am not using highliner but this looks great. I should try this!

  5. Elizabeth O. says:

    I usually just have eyeliner and a lipstick on. I hate runny ones though and it would be nice to have a long lasting eyeliner! Sounds like this is the perfect product for me.

  6. Cindy Ingalls says:

    I’ve been so curious about these eyeliners since seeing them on some makeup artist’s Snap chat. I love all the colors and the fact that they are easy to apply.

  7. Nikki says:

    Ooh, I need to get some of those! I used to only wear black eyeliner, but lately I’ve been switching it up with colors. It’s fun, and a whole new look for me!!

  8. Nikki says:

    So pretty!!! I love eyeliner and colors can really help make a makeup look more fun! They are also nice because so compact and easy to take on the go in your purse.

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