Hello, hello, hello there, loves! I was busy for the past few days so I just now had time to finish this post today.

I was asking my husband about a one word antonym for “MIDLIFE”. He asked me why. I told him that I feel like writing an article about midlife. He giggled and said, “you’re not yet even at middle age. I agree and I do not even feel I am on midlife stage”– he’s couple of years older (I tried saying it in a nice way ha ha). So when can we really say that we are at middle age and dealing with midlife?

For me, midlife or middle age is the stage when you feel like you are at the very peak of your life and ready to settle and just go with the flow. I am turning 36 soon — life is so fast, seems like I was just excited turning 18 yesterday ha ha! — and for some reason I am asking myself lately, “am I already at the peak?”. It feels like I still haven’t accomplished anything but I am already exhausted. Exhausted from finding answers of what I really want to do. I may know things that I love to do but I just can’t afford to do it because there are things that I need to do — -like, pay my bills!

Bam! This is a Midlife Crisis isn’t it? I am already evaluating my life, from achievements to failures. I’ve got a very decent job and an awesome employer. I have most of the things that I need and I can get most of what I want. I have a good, loving and very patient husband and our two 4 pawed babies, however, there’s still an unfulfilling feeling.

So do you feel the same thing once in a while? How do you get over it? I honestly don’t know what the word “relax” means.  I sit still but my mind is running 100 mph, ha ha! However, I have some things that I do that helps me unwind.

  1. Indulge. Indulge with any food you want, from cupcakes, ice cream or even some sushi! I have cravings once in a while. Indulging is not only for food. I indulge myself with love. Play with my dogs and just talk to the husband about my feelings. I am just glad that he’s there to listen.
  2. Explore. I see to it I do something. I cannot just stay inside the house the whole day. If I do, I still explore– music, food, something to do for the next weekend, etc. I also ask my husband to go with me to the park and just enjoy quiet time with nature. Sometimes, I search on Instagram for a place to eat that we have not tried yet.
  3. Pamper. Just soaking my body in the tub with mellow music and lighted candles for 1 hour is relaxing. I also check Groupon for great spa/massage deals here in town.
  4. Get a hobby. I may not have enough time everyday to do all the stuff that a wife/blogger/employee does but sometimes I feel like having a break from all these things and do some crafts. I like scrap booking. I am also into crochet and cooking. Sometimes, I just go out and take photos too.

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Right now, we are aiming to buy a home which stresses me out lately. I never owned my own home before since I just moved here to the U.S. 3 years ago. This will be my very first home of my own. Whew! I’ll be sharing some tips and of course my very own experience about it. Wish us luck!

Please feel free to share your experience and feelings and let’s talk about it! Tata for now!




    • anne.wright says:

      I think some women go through with this every month because of the cycle *giggles*. My husband always tease me that I’ll have my monthly visitor coming up when I am being emo or grumpy haha. You are welcome and thank you for appreciating it!

  1. bel says:

    I must be having a midlife crisis everyone 5years or so. Lol. I totally understand the life of worry. Indulging and pampering are my go to. I just unwind and throw everything away for a while. It’s always an awesome feeling.

  2. Deepa says:

    I guess midlife crisis strikes us around 35-40. I agree with all the points u mentioned especially getting a hobby is great. All the best for your new home.

  3. David Elliott says:

    I know that many people say you are as old as you feel. I wish that were strictly true. But I have always been an evaluator, so I hope it doesn’t mean I have been in a perpetual midlife crisis. Ah well. I’ll figure it all out along the way.

  4. Natasha says:

    I think it’s always a great idea to evaluate where we are in life and make adjustments, no matter our age…but keeping it all positive. Things that may have failed, look at them as stepping stones to a greater purpose or accomplishment.

  5. AMRITA says:

    36 is too young for any crisis.This is a wonderful time of life and should be thoroughly enjoyed. I travel too a lot to nature embracing places

  6. Alayna says:

    First of all, you look younger than me and I’m 32!

    But I agree and love the spirit of this post. Midlife should be a time when you’re really starting to be content with who and where you are. It’s a good place to be!

  7. Daniela Miovska says:

    I enjoyed reading your post, and it got me thinking. I am 37 years old and I still haven`t felt that I am at the midle age phase of my life. I do have crisis though, that I solve with staying outdoor with my boy. The nature seems to be the most successful at melting away any crisis!

  8. Candy Rachelle says:

    Life really does pass us by. I just pray I will never reach my peak…meaning I may reach my peak in 5 years but hopefully I can reach another peak in 5 years, and another in the next 5 years and so on…

  9. Courtney Andrews says:

    I am also one of those people whose mind runs at 100mph and finds it difficult to slow down sometimes. I enjoy reading to wind down and take my mind off all the stressors of everyday life.

    PS Good luck on the home buying process. It’s definitely stressful at times but so rewarding in the end!

  10. Nati says:

    Oh well, I guess everybody goes through a similar phase sooner or later! I think I hit that crisis around my 28 birthday. For me, it was good to make a balance and it helped me let go my full-time job to have children, so I can say it was good questioning myself but not obsessing over the answers 😉

  11. Nicola says:

    Good luck on this journey – embrace it and thank you for sharing, I’m not there yet, but I can see myself there in the very near future

  12. priti says:

    There was time when people in college used to seem so much bigger and you thinking we have lot of time. But truth is time flies and we need to live and enjoy moments whether mid life or post mid-life 🙂

  13. Jennifer says:

    I’m just like you – my thoughts are always going at top speed. I think of a million things I need to do or should be doing. I am 36, too, but I do not consider myself in the middle of my life. I feel like I still have little ways to go before I reach that point. I agree with you that getting a hobby is great. I started a new hobby last year and it really helps me with relieving stress and also focusing on myself.

  14. chei says:

    I have the same feeling. I am 32 but i always look up to the positive side because no one will help you to rise up than yourself.

  15. saidat says:

    I am still way far from midlife though i often have mood swings during the time of the month. I like painting or drawing when i don’t feel so good.

  16. Aditi says:

    Women evolve with every decade. We rethink, question, become more independent and opinionated and don’t give a damn what you think. Call it mid life crisis, spirituality or feminism – but never worry- we are all facing it!

  17. Filiz says:

    I continue to hope that we all have moment down in life…some people live it more difficult than other but we all need to have some steps to accomplish to get up from this down moments!

  18. Yeu Doi says:

    Love your post! It’s so positive and provides many action points to help people who are going through challenging times. We all have our ups and downs, and it’s good to know that this is quite ‘normal’.

  19. Tiara Wilson says:

    I’ve always wondered if I was having a mid life crisis or if I was going through a phase. Mid life crises are not fun at all. I always wonder if I’m happy where I am in life.

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