Hey luvies, I have been busy for the past weeks as we had spent weekend in LA, events here and there, and more collaboration with amazing brands!

Speaking of brands, few weeks ago, I had a chance to attend one of the biggest event in town. The Las Vegas Market held the home exI got my new chandelier from Best Choice Products. I saw this first when I attended the Las Vegas Expo where all amazing home interior products are there. From furnitures, carpets, decors, and lightings.


At the Las Vegas Market event, I saw a trend in some of the unique shapes to lighting throughout the home and I told my hubby at the time that I wanted to add one of these unique lights to our home to change up the feeling of our rooms. We decided that for our firstt light, that we would try it out in the dining room, as I had other grand ideas in the living area, plus we really need a light with a ceiling fan attached for the spring and summer months in Las Vegas. We were excited when the company I love to work with (Best Choice Products) had a design that was similar to what I fell in love with and I know I can count on them for quality products.

When it arrived, I couldn’t wait to hang it. I’m glad I didn’t wait long, because it really looks fancy in my dining room and it has a great light and really makes my mirrored wall art looks even more sparkly!😍💕 . It really has changed the feel of the small but important room in our home.

Best Choice Products always has the best quality and their delivery is very fast. I never have any concerns when I am ordering from them. Also, I have had nothing but good experience with their customer service as well. With such a giant range of products, I would encourage you all to check them out and see what awesome stuff they have to make your life shine bright.

Just a little bit of advice if you buy this same piece, be sure to have 2 people handy to install, wear gloves (because the crystals are sharp) and be sure to adjust the wires for the right shape before you install. My only complaint is that their instructions on this piece should warn about adjusting the wires for the correct shape prior to hanging, and there should be a strong warning about using gloves as I said above. Except for that, I am very happy with my dining room light makeover!

Let me know what you think about it and be sure to check out. Should you want to purchase this exact Chandelier— click here.


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