3 Ways to Enjoy a Weekend on a Budget

So you’ve got a free weekend lined up, and you’re dying to cut loose and just have a good time. The only problem is that your wallet is full of cobwebs and your online banking display is letting you know in no uncertain terms that you don’t have a lot of excess dough to throw around until next payday.

So, what to do? Are you doomed to just sit at home watching YouTube videos and feeling sorry for yourself?

Well, of course not. Here’s a straightforward list of ways you can have some fun on the cheap.


Various websites exist specifically for the purpose of offering you discounts and coupons for various experiences and services. These run the entire gamut, from services offering you coupons for cheaper shopping, to sites selling cheap concert tickets, or even jack-of-all-trade sites like Livingsocial which allow you to find a wide spectrum of highly-discounted experiences to take advantage of.

The point is that if you do your homework and keep a few strategic bookmarks to hand, you can often end up surprising yourself with just how easy and straightforward it can be to do the same activities you’d originally planned, for less money.


Travelling across town to meet up with friends in a swanky bar might not be kind on your bank balance, but hosting your own party, movie night, or get-together with trusted friends can be a far more cost-effective way of having a good time.

Simply invite everyone down to hang out for a barbecue or something similar, and make it known that everyone should bring their own booze and one item of food each.

For this kind of get together, your personal expenses can easily be virtually zero, and you’ll still get to have a great and memorable day with friends.


One of the many great things about nature is that it’s free to explore and enjoy — or at least, very nearly free.

If you’re in a tight financial situation and can’t justify a night out on the town, you can almost certainly still justify the drive to your nearest area of natural beauty. Take a few friends or loved ones with you, and make a day of hiking down some gorgeous trails. Not only will you get some exercise and fresh air, but you’ll also have a great opportunity to practice some mindfulness and stress relief.

Walking around in a beautiful natural setting is a long sight more peaceful than being in the city, close to the normal concerns and preoccupations of everyday life.

Even if you don’t feel like committing to a full day of hiking around, or don’t have a large natural area nearby, you can still pack a picnic hamper and a good book and go hang out in the park. Getting out of the house — even if you’re not doing anything major — opens the door to all kinds of opportunities for fun and wellbeing.

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