When summer comes around, we all get used to following the same old practices. We save up, we plan a vacation, and then start planning what we’re going to do, what we’re going to wear, and where we’re going to eat! Each year, it’s the same process. And more often than not, you’ll probably find yourself heading out in the same kinds of vacations. And while that’s okay, it’s often nice to shake things up a little. If you love to go to luxury resorts, then you can definitely stick to that, but you may also find that heading out on a camping trip can be just as much fun. Especially with a little glamour adding in…


So why not go glamping? When you glamp, you’re camping out in style! If this idea is totally new to you, here’s how you’re going to do it.


  1. Choose The Right Spot


First of all, if you’re going to get this right, you need to choose a great location. While you could technically just head out into the wilderness, you should consider somewhere with the right facilities. If you don’t want to feel too remote and you still want to be able to shower or use the bathroom, then head to a park that has everything you need on site.


  1. Pack Well


Being in the right location is always the first step to enjoying a really glamorous vacation. But you also need to make sure that you pack well. So forget about traditional camping clothe and head to your summer wardrobe instead. When the weather is nice, you can definitely pack your jean shorts and summer dresses. Because you’re not going to be doing things ‘survival’ style in the wilderness, you won’t have to be too practical with your wardrobe choices here.



  1. Invest In The Best


If you’re thinking about making this a regular thing, then definitely be sure to invest in all of the best equipment possible. Think about what you need to enjoy your vacation, such as comfortable bedding, coolers, there’s more info on them here – and even lighting or cooking equipment. Whatever you need to really enjoy the experience is usually worth picking up.


  1. Be Prepared


And if you’re worried about hygiene, then you just need to prepare yourself. You’ll find tips here on this, but it’s always a great idea to have hand sanitizer, refreshing wipes, deodorant, and travel minis with you so that you can stay clean and fresh at all times.


  1. Take The Good Stuff


Finally, you may also find that it’s a great idea to take things with you that will make the trip really enjoyable. So first of all, there’s food and drinks. If you’re going to barbecue, think about packing delicious steaks and salads. And definitely pack up your favorite drinks and mixers too. Then, if you really want to make sure that you enjoy the time, why not think about taking a book or some music to relax with? You could even take movies if you want to have a movie night in the wilderness!


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