I was given a chance to receive the BITE BEAUTY Line & Define Primer as a complimentary item from @Influenster. I honestly have not tried this brand yet until I received it and I actually liked it! With the help of this BITE BEAUTY primer,  the BITE BEAUTY lippies last longer and easy to apply as it actually stays pretty long enough for me to lessen multiple reapplication in  a day. I like the thick creamy texture these lippies are!

I have received the Demi-Glace, Flambe and my fave, Eclare — a natural shade that I can use the whole day! I am pleased to have the chance to try and know this brand and I will definitely have as part of my make up corner. My luvies know that I consider myself as a lippie hoarder and I would love to have BITE BEAUTY as part of my #lippie collection. No wonder why it’s called BITE, because you’ll definitely want to bite those lips once you apply this lippie!

BITE BEAUTY lippies are also available in Sephora so better go to the nearest store and grab yours now. I really do recommend to give it a try as it is truly worth it and you’ll love it! Get those lips pampered and let me know what you think about it!


Until next time, loves!♥ #contest #TheLiquifiedLipstick




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The average consumer can be easily confused by the many types of leather available and the often misleading names given to describe the type or quality. A popular trend with purses, bags, totes and luggage is painted leather or designs. Although at first glance, some designs can be attractive, it is important to know that the quality of the leather and how it is treated is very important to the lifetime of your product and its appeal once it is “broken in”.

Different types of leather are used in creating today’s popular bags and knowing what you are getting makes a great difference in the quality of what you purchase. A quality bag worth spending your money on typically will be made of Full Grain Leather. Often manufacturers will try and mislead you by telling you the product is “Genuine Leather”. The main difference between the two is unlike full grain leather, sanding processes are applied to the leather surface. This can wash away the natural look of the leather making it inferior to full grain leather. Although some companies and sales person will try and convince you that ‘Genuine’ means it is superior, in reality, it is a little bit inferior to Full Grain Leather.

© Alan Magner Photography, All Rights Reserved.

Typically, painted leather uses the inferior Genuine Leather because the absorption of the paint is better once the leather surface has been sanded. Although the process makes for a better “canvas” for the paint, it washes away the natural grains away from the leather. This can lead to cracking and hardening of the leather as time goes by. This is one reason why there is such a big market for leather treatment products as over time it becomes necessary to maintain the leather to a greater degree to prevent cracking, tears and discoloration.

© Alan Magner Photography, All Rights Reserved.

I like to recommend that when buying a quality bag, that you are sure to purchase from a company that uses only Full Grain Leather. Although painted leather may allow for color and artistry flair for the designer, it is important for the consumer to remember that when making a purchase of a quality bag, that if they want the best quality leather and long term reliability, then choosing a quality Full Grain Leather product will remain a first choice over a Painted Leather product.


Wood Watches by JORD are the finest luxury all-natural wooden watches ever created. Hand-crafted authentic wood watches that tell a story. As Mother’s day approaches,  the pressure is on as to what gift I can give mom. I have been thinking more about her and how precious the time I have with her is. When I think back over the years, I realize how special the times we shared together were. In the past I didn’t recognize how these rare moments would become the fond memories that shape our relationship to this day.


It is both Ironic and appropriate that this year I get to give my mom a gift of time of sorts. This year, I get to let my mom know how much I cherish our time together by giving her a Jord Wood Watchas a watch symbolized time. I want more time with her. By giving her a watch will remind her of our special times and how the time we have left is also very important to me. I love that she will also be able to have a quality timepiece that is also a eco friendly piece of art as well. She will be able to wear it in style and hopefully have fond memories of time with her kids as well as be stylish at the same time.

I look forward to many more years of joyful time with my mom and hope that she looks forward to the time we get to spend together. I can’t wait until she sees the beautiful time piece I got for her this year and that she finds it as beautiful as I do.

I highly recommend if you are looking for that special gift for your Mom this Mothers day, that you look at the amazing selection of quality and unique watches that Jord offers and while your at it. You just might find the perfect piece for yourself as well. then you and your mom can show them off together as you each style them in your own special way.


I hope to hear back from you all about your Mother’s day memories and even what you think about my choice for my mom’s gift this year. Check out Jord Wood watches yourself. I think you will be as impressed as I was. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day to all moms, nanay, inay, mommy, naynay, mom, and mother dear!


(Ok, guys, don’t feel bad, Jord has  some wood watches just for your style! Check them out —>here!)





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The winner will receive a $100 e-gift code to our site! All other entrants will receive a $25 consolation e-gift code at the close of the contest. 
Contest ends at 11:59 CST 05/28/17 and both gift codes expire 08/27/17

Unique Watch


Have you met Mia yet? As I am starting to be more active as a Beauty Blogger, applying make ups is becoming a habit! So time to go clean the deapest pore to avoid my skin to break out.

The Clarisonic Mia 2 is my latest attempt at clearing up combination dry/oily skin with occasional black heads. I’m not big on facial treatments, I just usually by some cleansers and scrubs and that’s it! Maybe when I was much younger and when I was still in the Philippines, I went to those facial centers to have my “me Time”.

Thanks to Clarisonic for introducing Mia 2! I have been hearing about how good Clarisonic is for taking care of our skin. Clarisonic goes beyond cleaning by using sonic technology to gently yet deeply cleanse pores without abrasion or harsh chemicals. Clarisonic says the Mia 2 removes six times more skin and debris (or makeup for women) than manual cleaning with soap and/or a washcloth. According to stats from Clarisonic, by cleaning the skin properly, it allows moisturizer products to absorb better – making the skin more receptive and allows your skin to absorb up to 61% of vitamin C.

With regular daily use, I found that the Clarisonic reduced my dry skin, oily areas around my nose and reduced the blemishes significantly. The most immediate result is you notice that after use it leaves my skin feeling and looking smoother. It feels really clean as if I had my facial cleaning from the clinic. It feels refreshing!

For anyone who is looking for an effective and easy way to care for their skin needs and you are like me and not born with perfect skin, I can highly recommend the product. As of now, it has been a few weeks that I have been using the product and so far I have seen nothing but positive results from the Mia 2. Check it out yourself, follow up with this blog and feel free to send any questions and your experience you have with Clarisonic Mia 2.

Be safe and come back and read more!

Features & Benefits:
2 speeds for added customization for your skin type
2 year warranty
Pulsing T-Timer for an efficient and even 60 second cleanse
Improved user interface indicating speed & charge functions

Mia 2 Skin Care Cleansing System Includes:
Mia 2 Device
Compact pLink International Charger
Radiance Brush Head
Clarisonic Refreshing Gel Cleanser (1.0 oz.)


Matte and Gel? Isn’t it contradicting? This is my first impression when I got a complimentary gift to try from @Influenster. As I got home from work, I received #MarcJacobs Beauty Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon for #free for me to test. As I have read the label, I just said to myself, “Ooooh, matte!” I love matte lippies as it stays longer than the glossy one. However, we all know how dry it is when we apply it. That’s why it stays longer, right?

So I received the purple and brown color and since I love brown eye liner, I tried it first. This @MarcBeauty #highliner is super-malleable gel eyeliner that glides on really smoothly. Yes, you heard me right, it was so smooth and silky to apply. What can a make up lover like me could ask for?

photo courtesy by Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon is perfect for quickies! As I always rush to go for work, date with my hubby, or even night out with my girlf friends, this is the magic wand for irresistable look that lasts for 12 hours!


Do you need to hear more?! A matte, a gel that makes it easy to apply and that last for 12 hours. I have one more last hoozah on this highliner. Would you believe that this is water proof? Yup! Even if you got teary eyed on a movie night, it still gives you a stunning look!

photo from Pinterest

I just can’t wait for you to try this yourself. I will definitely keep this part of my make up kit for life! Head to the nearest Sephora and check out the other colors they have. I am highly recommending this to all #makeup luvies! Can’t wait to have all the colors available!


If you are following me on Instagram, you would see how happy I was to see the Hello Kitty Cafe. As I have mentioned, Hello Kitty and other Sanrio has been part of my childhood (well until now hihihihi). Receiving another Hello Kitty on my mailbox is definitely a wonderful feeling. I was so happy to receive from ColourPop a wonderful gift to try.

ColourPop has sent me a ColourPop Hello Kitty, Hello Pretty Kit. This kit contains the following:

Yummy Cookies Highlighter: pearlized light peach with a flip of silver

Fun With Friends Blush: pearlized finish vivacious mid-tone warm pink


Juicy Apple Shadow: glitter sheer finish soft gold topped with gold glitter/Bento Box Shadow: pearlized finish true gunmetal/ Sticker Sheet Shadow: satin finish cool-toned taupe




Ribbon Ultra Matte Lip: rich blue red / KT Ultra Glossy Lip: sheer finish light gold sprinkled with pink and gold glitter


I am a lippie hoarder. I just buy lippies anytime, any kind and any brand! Everytime I just go out, my feet always takes me to the beauty store or beauty section of the department store.

No need to ask what I have tried first haha. Of course, the Ribbon Ultra Matte lip! I have never tried a liquid lippie that turned to matte! I am impressed how it dries so quick and still it does not crack or turn to powder just like the other matte.


Well it’s my weekend so I had a free time to play with the entire Hello Kitty, Hello Pretty kit and this time, I just used the Ultra Glossy Lippie and I just loved it! Mind if I share a small secret? This is actually the very first time I tried ColourPop and this will definitely not my last!

Check out ColourPop website to get your own Hello Kitty, Hello Pretty Kit!


Ok, I just recently posted a photo of my make up kit and what are the things inside. As promised, I’ll be sharing my thoughts and why I am using every item in my kit.

I am actually in a process of learning to apply more make up. Believe me or not, I still use baby powder(I know, I am such a late bloomer) as my foundation sometimes just to avoid having oily skin. But I am 30-ish so I really have to learn to put make up sometimes most especially on our date night haha!

So, let’s get started! The key to my blooming daily look(hahaha):

1. I’M LIP Crayon by Meme

I just love this matte lip crayon. This is what I always wear when I go to work. This does not stain as I kiss my hubby goodbye and drink my coffee every morning. I do not have to retouch until after lunch, which is pretty awesome. I’m Lip Crayon is not a typical crayon or pencil type that you have to sharpen. Just twist the bottom and it’s ready to use!

2. Eyeko eyeliner

One of my fave to do when it comes to make up is to highlight my eyes. I do not use much of the eyeshadows but I never leave home without my winged tip eyeline. I have tried a lot of kids and brands of eyeliner. I tried, different brand of pencils, gel, and pen. The number 1 on my list is the EyeKo liquid eyeliner pen, from slim to thick as long as it’s Eyeko, I just love them all. Why? Because it is so easy to apply. The tip of the pen does not bend and neither sharp and the liquid ink is so solid that you do not have to do second application. It looks like you are using a sharpie marker! Haha. It lasts all day that I do not have to do a retouch.

3. Iman Press powder

One of my flaws are my pores near my nose/cheeks area. Iman pressed powder is a Light-as-air translucent formula controls oil without drying to provide a totally matte finish. It also makes the pores light to invisible as it goes on smoothly and gives you a fantastic finish as it blends on our skintone.

4. Revlon Photofinish cream blush


I have been using blush on from shimmer, powder, tint until I tried the Revlon Photofinish cream blush and stick with it for years. Some people say, Revlon stopped producing this but I am still finding this online. It is so easy to apply that spreads evenly on your cheeks. I like the way it naturally shines as it highlights your cheeks that it looks like almost natural rosy cheeks.

5. Kat Von Dy lipstick

I was looking for a maroon shade lipstick. I got MAC Ruby Woo but I want something with a little bit touch of brown and not the bright red. As I was at the Fashion Mall, I passed by Sephora to check all the maroon shade lipsticks until I laid my eyes on Kat Von Dy lipstick (hexagram) oooh, it is just a hottie! Just the container itself stands out among the others. I tried it and bam, this is the one I am looking for. It looks shiny but once you applied it, it dries like a matte and I am impressed, it stays longer than I thought and it doesn’t really stain like the other lippies! This is the shade that you must have if you want to look sophisticated or stands out on a night out!

So how about you, what is in your kit? Mind to share with me and tell me what kind of make up you like the most?