We all have the dream of wanting to stay young, but we all have the reality of aging. There are the lucky few of you out there that will be late to the aging process, but for most of us, it’s going to start way too early. It’s a sad thought, as we lose many things with age. We’re suddenly not allowed to do as many things as we would before, such as hitting the clubs and not getting back until 6 in the morning! But doing things like that is probably one of the main reasons why some of us start the aging process so early. We treat our bodies exactly the opposite way of how they deserve to be treated, leading to a whole new world of problems, not just the fact that we’re aging! But life’s to short to dwell on the past, and as long as you had a good life, then you should look back with no regrets! So, if the reason you’re here is to stay young, and to stay beautiful, then we’ve got a few tips lined up for you that should help. Intrigued? Well then, have a read of the advice we’ve got below, and let us know if you have any of your own tips that help you stay youthful.



This is the one we want to talk about first, because we guarantee that you’re not going to have thought of this one. The power of love is amazing. Right from the moment you feel yourself falling during that honeymoon period, to the time where you’re saying ‘I do’ at the altar. Love is just a wonderful experience, and something that everyone should get to feel at least once in their life. The memories that can be made are like no other, and the way that  you know each other inside out is something you just won’t be able to find in anyone else. So, how does love keep you young you ask? Well, sometimes it can make you feel the exact opposite. We might as well warn you! If you’re in a relationship at the minute, you’ll know how amazing it is. But at the same time, you’ll know how utterly annoying it can be. The arguments, the stress, and everything else that comes with it. But rather than thinking of it as a negative, think of it as passion. The passion that love brings you is what keeps you young. Whether you look it on the outside, or feel it on the inside. Some experts say that being loved right up until old age, and feeling in love, helps to actually make you live for longer. But we’re not here to try and keep you on this planet longer, we’re her to try and keep you looking younger for longer. As long as you let your relationship bring the passion you need, we guarantee you’ll feel so much younger, and even look it, just from the happiness you’re feeling. Which leads us on to our next part, another key to staying young is actually being happy!




In a world full of so much hate, it’s easy to understand why it might be hard to feel so much happiness. But sadness and anger are both directly linked to the aging process, along with stress of course. So, turn that frown upside down, and find a reason to be positive again. Some people wake up and are instantly in a bad mood because they know they’ve got a day of work ahead of them, or they know they’re going to be doing something they don’t want to do. If this sounds like you, then why are you spending your life this way! If you’re someone who is always down about everything, remove those things from your life, and find things to be happy about. Get out and about and explore the world. Spend time with your friends. Your friends are generally the people who are going to be able to pick you up when no one else can. They’ll be able to make you laugh in the most silly way, and they’ll love you exactly like bestfriends should. Finally, make sure you’re making time for your family. Whilst you might feel like you’re going through the aging process, think how they feel! Time can so easily get away from you when you’re rushing around trying to do a million and one things, but you should always try and put your family first, no matter what! Once a week, dedicate a night to making sure you’re having dinner with them, or just having  a family night where you can have a good time.


Body Care


The more you care for your body, the younger you’re actually going to look. We’ve talked a lot about actually feeling young, so now it’s time to talk about what can actually make you look young. One of them is by getting rid of those fine lines and wrinkles that have no doubt started to pop up. It’s one of the main reasons why we feel as though we’re gaining, even if it’s just the smallest of lines. Neck lines in particular are something that people find really stressful, but they’re actually not that hard to get rid of. If you check out this page How To Get Rid Of Neck Lines | SiO Beauty, you should be able to find some help and advice, and maybe even book a cheeky treatment to make yourself feel amazing. You can also try some home remedies, such as making sure your skin is always moisturised, and you’re getting plenty of sleep each night. A lot of people don’t realise it, but when you’re not sleeping right and your not hydrated for example, the skin dries out, causing some fine lines to appear. Constant abuse of this is obviously going to add some wear and tear to your skin. Where possible, you should always make sure that you’re having at least 8 hours of sleep a night if you want to stay nice and fresh.


Private Treatments


This is a bit controversial, and not a lot of people will agree with having something done privately. By private, we mean cosmetic treatments that you wouldn’t be able to have done at your average hospital. Botox being one of them. Botox is a risky game to play. If you get it done by the wrong person, you’re going to end up with a shock when you first look in the mirror. If you have it done by someone who is really underqualified, they can overfill your face and lips, which can sometimes cause the skin to burst. Trust us, it’s definitely as nasty as it sounds! So, think about what you’re going for, and think about who you’re choosing to do the treatment for you before you give it a go. You should always make sure you’re reading up on recommendations. There are other treatments that people like to have done which are aimed at keeping you young. One of them is something such as a tummy tuck, or even things such as a butt lift. A butt lift is what everyone assumes the kardashians have had done, and to be honest,a  lot of them probably have! It works by increasing the circumference of your bum, and making it look all round more perky and big. Again, a risky treatment. Even if things go right in the beginning, you could still face side effects such as the implant bursting, flipping, or just causing general irritation. It’s the exact same with a bood job as well. So again, always make sure you’re doing your wider reading on the procedure that you might consider having done.


Don’t Forget Drug Store


So, we’ve talked alot about all of these scary sounding treatments, but don’t forget about the trusty drug store. There are so many different products that you could buy from there that are aiming to reduce the signs of aging. Anti-aging creams and serums are the ones that you should be trying. Most of them come in a day and night pack for optimum performance, but you just have to make sure you’re getting into a routine and using them properly. If you just use it as a one off, maybe one a week, then you’re never going to see the results that you want to see.

Accept The Skin You’re In


This is the final tip that we have for you. The aging process isn’t something that we can stop, but it is something that we can reduce the signs of. So we urge you to not get too carried away with getting rid of the signs of aging, and rather learn to love the skin you’re in. You’re beautiful how you are, and the aging process is something no one can escape, not just you!


We hope we have helped you today on your quest to reduce the signs of aging! Hopefully you’ll feel a million #dollars if you take some of them on board.





There are some people that look stylish whatever they wear, they just make it look so easy. You constantly wish that it were that easy for you but whatever you try, you just can’t get it right. Finding your style can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be impossible if you just follow these simple style tips that will improve your fashion sense and make your life so much easier.



Use Makeup Properly


You probably think you’re using makeup properly but a lot of people get it wrong. Finding the right makeup for your skin tone is vital and if you get it wrong, it won’t look good. The first thing to do is work out what your skin tone is; fair, light, medium or deep brown. The best way to work it out is look at the skin on your jawline, it gives you the best impression. If it’s very pale, you’ve got fair skin. If you’ve got pale skin with a light yellow or brown colouring, that’s fair. An overall tan means you’ve got medium skin and darker colouring is deep brown skin tone. Once you’ve worked out your skin tone, you can start choosing makeup properly. Always make sure that you test a little on yourself before you buy it and always get good quality makeup. Once you start choosing the right makeup, you’ll find that it’s a lot easier to get it looking good.




Another big mistake that people make is not accessorising enough. If you’re getting bored of your wardrobe and you’re constantly buying new stuff to keep things fresh, you might be wasting your money. By accessorising properly, you can turn one piece of clothing into a load of different outfits so you’ve always got something great to wear. You can get some great accessories from Lookbook. Things like jewellery, bags, shoes and scarves are all great ways to take a boring outfit and turn into something amazing. It’s also a good way to put your own stamp on things.


Tailor Your Clothes


People often think that tailored clothes are just for men but it’s the best way to make sure your clothes fit right. This is especially important when it comes to things like blazers and jackets because if the fit is wrong, they won’t look stylish at all. The best thing to do is have them altered after buying them, you’ll notice such a difference.

Stick With What Works


Even though you might not like the idea of wearing similar outfits all the time, sometimes it works. Certain people aren’t suited to certain styles and if you try to wear stuff that isn’t right for you, it’ll end up looking bad. Don’t be envious of other people and try to copy their style because, even though it looks good on them, that doesn’t mean it will on you. Once you find a style that works for you, you should stick with it.


Follow these simple fashion rules and your life will be so much easier.




I recently had the chance to check out the Neiman Marcus Spring Collection at their Fashion Show Mall, Located at 3200 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV. 89109. The Fashion Show Mall is in the Heart of the Las Vegas Strip and is a go to shopping destination for locals and tourists alike.

This event was thrown by Neiman Marcus with Influencer organizing by Christie Moeller. Since the event was early evening, yet the end of a work day for me, it was nice to start off the event with custom cocktails and sweet treats provided by NM Cafe. The colorful drinks were a great start before we preview the colorful fashion line for spring.

Color, color and more color is a good way to describe the trends this season. Starting with Tom Ford’s limited collection just for select Neiman Marcus stores. This collection includes 21 new shades full of bold colors and glitter. A duo stick of highlighter and blush, and colored mascara. Colored mascara is amazing and is perfect for a colorful spring fashion collection.


Neiman Marcus is highlighting items for both men and women this spring and I am happy to let you know what the go to items are.

For Men:

The Bold Blazer. In unexpected shades, it becomes a pivotal piece in any spring wardrobe.
Logo Mania. More is more this season when it comes to bold logos.
Short-Sleeve Shirts. Refresh this classic silhouette with prints, checks, and Hawaiian-inspired motifs.
Shorts. A winning stand-in for your go-to denim or chinos.
Tracksuits. Lead the pack in bright primaries and a slim-not slouchy-fit.
Statement Sneakers. High-top or low-top, make sure they’re over the top.
Oversize Aviators. GO big or go home in this classic shades shape.
The New Denim. Dark, raw, or white, the newest denim has a decidedly ’90s look

For Women:

Brights. Punchy pinks, sunny yellows, and more eye-catching hues to brighten your look.
Statement Sleeves. Striking details and oversized proportions are the new statements.
Floral Dresses. A colorful soring bouquet offers a feminine and versatile palette.
Stripes. Reimagine the classic pattern in graphic arrangements.
Soft Sunnies. Soft-tint lenses give off major retro vibes.
The Pointed Toe. Tapered, elegant, and to the point.
Logo Bags. Bold logos have reemerged as a way to make a fashion-savvy statement.
Rainbow Jewelry. Accessories dazzle in kaleidoscope of colors.
Sparkle and Glitter Glam. Think shimmery lips and glitter-coated lids.

I hope you have a chance to check out these colorful items for yourself. I also want to hear back from you on what you think about this collection, Neiman Marcus, Fashion Show Mall or maybe you have feedback about my story. I encourage you to comment below and tell me what you think.





We all have issues with our body that we are ashamed of, it’s only human. No one is completely happy with the way they look. Really, if you can look at yourself naked in the mirror for more than a minute without freaking out, you’re doing better than most. But that doesn’t change the fact that issues with our body do impact our lives in negative ways. It might change how you dress. If you are worried about marks on your legs, you might avoid wearing shorts or dresses in the summer. If you have an issue with your teeth, you may not smile as often, and you could have serious issues with levels of confidence.


This can ultimately impact every aspect of your life and mean that you miss out on professional and personal opportunities. The good news is that there are ways to deal with issues about your body that are causing you embarrassment. Indeed, everything from stretch marks to chin hair or cellulite and acne can be dealt with effectively if you know how. Let’s look at some of these issues and make sure you have the solution needed to deal with them.


Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can be incredibly embarrassing, particularly when bathing suit season rolls around. Stretch marks tend to be viewed as something that occurs when you are overweight, but this is not always the case. Indeed, it’s quite possible to develop stretch marks when you experience any sudden weight gain. This can even happen when you start to exercise more frequently. Or, as can be seen from this tweet, you might develop them after pregnancy:


Well, we can’t all be as lucky as Kylie, but how do you deal with this problem? There are a number of treatments for stretch marks. Lemon juice can be used to get rid of the redness on the skin and ensure that it isn’t as noticeable. You might be surprised to learn that actors and actresses have admitted to using this technique before a shoot.

Chin Hair

Chin hair is just something that can happen as you get older. It might even be due to a hormonal imbalance, but that doesn’t make it any less embarrassing or awkward to deal with. It’s worth remembering that unless someone is right up close to your face, they probably can’t see it. But that won’t stop you feeling self-conscious about it.

You might want to consider a permanent solution to this problem. As you can see in a laser hair removal video, a procedure like this can be simple and quick. In no time at all, you can have smooth skin, and you won’t have to worry about unsightly hairs growing back.



Finally, cellulite is essentially skin texture and can be present on your low regions like your thighs or your behind. It is another issue that can lead to embarrassment during the summer season when you’re more likely to show off these areas of your body.

You can get rid of cellulite with the right type of exercise. Split squats may do the trick here. The action of bending tones the muscle in these areas and can ensure that cellulite is a lot less noticeable.

What do you loves think about these tips? Do you have some secrets yourselves? I would love to hear from you in the comments section. Also, let me know what you think about the story and if you would like more info on this topic. I am happy to read and reply to your comments. It helps me decide what you guys want to read.

See you online and in the comments loves!


VIIcode Oxygen Eye Mask

VIIcode Oxygen Eye Mask for Dark Circles is different from competing eye mask products. VIIcode is scientifically designed to work on dark circle issues that are more common for women above age 35. After age 35 lymphatic circulation begins to decrease and blood flow slows down. Also, for those in their 40’s and 50’s melanin may accumulate and oxygen levels decrease causing those ugly dark circles under the eyes.

The O2M Oxygen Eye Mask is designed for continuous 8 hour use overnight with a natural, alcohol free and non-irritating formula. What I liked was, this wasn’t drippy like so many others are, and was easy to apply and stays in place. Using this mask gives me a spa like experience right in my own home.
I have tried a great number of beauty masks, and there are not too many that stand out enough to get my full recommendation or that I would spend my own hard earned money on. I hope you head on over to their website and check out their products for yourself. No matter what your age range is, they have a product that will work for you. Even my magic 8 ball via snapchat says YES — give it a try!
As always loves, let me know what you think in the comment section below. Look forward to hearing back from you.





I recently had the pleasure along with some of my fellow Las Vegas Influencers to experience an early evening being shown what is being offered at the new NARS Cosmetics store located at the Forum Shops.

Who wouldn’t know NARS Cosmetics? But just incase haha, they are a cosmetics and skin care company founded by Francois Nars, make-up artist and photographer in 1994. The cosmetics line began with only 12 lipsticks sold at Barneys New York. Now it is a nationally recognized brand being sold world wide.



We had a fun time learning about the Holiday Make-up collection and the many other products they have. I think I am becoming a real #NARSissist myself. Some of my co-attendees had make-up TIPS while I browsed the amazing selection of great products, sipped the champagne and learned a lot from the make-up demonstration performed by make-up artist Julia Sohn. Julia has an impressive resume and learned personally from Francois Nars himself and her ability showed she has the skills herself. She has also worked at the world famous New York Fashion Week.


Let me tell you some of the collections we were able to preview:

NARS Man Ray is the Holiday Collection for 2017 and has been recently released with beautiful and glamorous shades perfect for the holiday season.

Natural Radiant Long Wear Foundation: This is the latest collection which has a 16 hour fade resistant foundation with more than 33 shades which will last you through these long winter days.

Radiant Creamy Concealer: This wonderful concealer comes in 22 shades from medium to high coverage to give you a glowing look every time.

I hope that all my readers will have a chance to go to your own local NARS Cosmetics shop and experience the pampering and amazing service that they provide to all of their customers. You also have the option to shop for NARS Cosmetics products online by visiting

Special thanks to our fabulous host, Christie Moeller for showing us such a great time!




I recently was pleased to find out that I was being gifted an amazing new Skin Care Set by Shaklee to test out. Shaklee is a popular health and wellness company with a wide variety of products all of which are backed by the companies 100% money back guarantee. Shaklee has been around since 1956 and has established themselves as a highly reputable company. All their products undergo a tremendous amount of scientific testing and meet the industries highest standards and beyond.

All the products that I was able to try out are part of the Shaklee YOUTH Skin Care Set. The 3 products I tried out were all part of the Anti-Aging Regime.The entire Advanced Anti-Aging Regimen was designed to work together for improved skin texture, radiance, and firmness, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.
The first product was YOUTH Activating Serum which renews the skin at the cellular level. You can actually feel that something is special with the texture as you apply it to your skin.
The second product was YOUTH Radiance C + E  capsules. Radiance C+E is a powerful patented formula of 20% pure vitamin C and vitamin E plus raspberry cell extract to plump, brighten, and visibly reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. I honestly thought it’s a capsule to be taken orally! I’m glad for once, I actually read the instructions, hahaha!
The 3rd is YOUTH Activating BB Cream with SPF 30. This Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Evens, Corrects, Hydrates, Nourishes, Protects. Get flawless, glowing skin. This multitasking 5-in-1 Beauty Balm is designed to do it all.
It has only been a week since I started using these products, but I am already seeing softer, tighter skin and I am convinced that the long term Anti-Aging effects will be highly beneficial.

I have used a lot of different skin care products, but this truly is one of the most impressive I have seen yet. Their commitment to prevention and the science used to create a product that works down to the cellular level is amazing. It also is nice to know that all their products are 100% vegan and cruelty free.
I encourage all of my readers to check them out at







Every year, as soon as Halloween passes, the hubby and I always discuss about putting up the Christmas decors as soon as November 1 comes.  The hubby wants the Christmas decors  after Thanksgiving. As a Filipino, this is actually a big adjustment for me. Back home, as soon as September 1st comes around (which we call the beginning of BER- months), we already welcome the Christmas vibes. There is no Thanksgiving holiday in the Philippines, so we enjoy a full 4 months of holiday cheer!

With Christmas fresh on my mind, I was pleased to be able to attend the “Secrets of Holiday Shopping” event held at SAKS in Fashion Show Las Vegas. SAKS is prepared to help make your Holiday Gift buying much easier and enjoyable! The event was intended to feature some great & unique gift ideas for your holiday shopping list as well as to inform us Influencers about upcoming holiday events so that we can in turn share them with you.

One of the featured products which you can find this year at SAKS are Jo Malone fragrance line. Jo Malone London can be combined to produce your own custom scent.  So if you buy the gift set of 5 scents, it’s like buying your own perfume factory as you can do some mix and match creating an almost unlimited combo of fragrances.

Another featured product available at SAKS is Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Lipstick line (YSL lippies). Their selection is tremendous and just going there to shop is always a luxurious experience. Those who shop at SAKS, know that this store knows how to treat a customer and for many a visit to SAKS is in of itself a holiday tradition.


Of course, every woman will tell you that a trip to SAKS is not complete without checking out their extensive selection of quality and designer apparel. From clothing, to shoes and accessories, you will find the worlds best brands such as  Rebecca Taylor, REDValentino, Tory Burch, Christian Louboutin, Gucci & Fendi and literally hundreds more. SAKS is most certainly a required destination for your holiday shopping.

If your local to the Las Vegas area, or happen to be visiting, there are a ton of events around town this holiday shopping season that I would highly recommend. Two of my favorite shopping destinations in Las Vegas are the Fashion Show Las Vegas and Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian and The Palazzo Las Vegas. A few of these events I will highlight for you below. I encourage you to check out their web sites for more details, or feel free to send me a comment if I can help you with anything.


  • Holiday Show at Fashion Show: Guest can enjoy a live, compimentary New York-style theatrical holiday show in the Great Hall at Fashion Show. “Believe in the Magic” is back for visitors to enjoy throughout the holiday season. An array of singers and dancers will transform the heart of this shopping destination into a one-of-a-kind experience the entire family will enjoy. Following every show, guests are invited to parade with characters to Santa’s Photo Experience, while singing carols – allowing for the ultimate holiday affair. This special holiday show will perform on Nov 24, 25, 26; Dec 2-3, 910 and 16-24 at noon, 2pm 4pm, 6pm each day.


  • Santa’s Photo Experience at Fashion Show: Delight in the magic of the holiday season at Fashion Show’s all-new holiday Santa experience. Located near Neiman Marcus Fashion Show, guests will be able to enjoy an interactive Santa’s throne, touchscreen control, oversized neon lights and picturesque light up Christmas trees ranging from 12 feet to 30 feet high. Complete with elaborately decorated trees, music and more, families are welcome to get their picture taken with the Father of Christmas himself, available starting on November 17 through Christmas Eve (Dec 24). Specialty nights will also be available such as Mob Museum Mondays and more to be named.


  • Madame Tussauds at Grand Canal Shoppes: Madame Tussauds Las Vegas announced the debut of the new Polar Express 4-D Experience coming this December. The Polar Express 4-D Experience is a 15 -minute version of the Warner Bros. Pictures film. Polar Express follows a young boy on Christmas Eve who boards a powerful magic train headed to the North Pole, home of Santa Claus’ workshop. What unfolds is an adventure of self-discovery in which he learns that the wonder of life never fades for those who truly believe. The Polar Express 4-D Experience features outstanding effects both on-screen and in-theater that let you experience the magic of Christmas! In addition to the 4-D screening experience, Madame Tussauds Las Vegas will continue the holiday fun with hot cocoa for guests, and select wax figures dressed in ugly holiday sweaters.


  • Minus5 Ice Experience at Grand Canal Shoppes: Looking for a winter wonderland to celebrate the holidays? Minus5 Ice Experience is the perfect place to get your winter fix, as guests can make their winter wonderland dreams in the desert a reality, thanks to the coolest experience in Las Vegas where everything is made of ice. Don a faux fur coat and gloves and escape into a beach-inspired winter’s paradise. Plus, kids are cool before 9 p.m. and can mix and mingle with Santa Claus and enjoy various photo ops within the ice experience – perfect for everyone (and maybe next year’s Christmas card). Minors (under 21 years of age) must be accompanied by an adult.


This holiday season I highly recommend you check out SAKS at the Fashion Show Las Vegas which is the largest shopping, dining and entertainment destination on the Las Vegas Strip and one of the largest shopping centers in the USA. With over 250 retail boutiques and over two dozen restaurants. Anchored by Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s and many more world famous quality stores.

Of course, your Las Vegas shopping experience is far from complete until you also spend time at the Grand Canal Shoppes. Located inside the Venetian and The Palazzo Las Vegas, this impressive destination boasts 160 specialty brand shops and an amazing array of top notch restaurants such as Emeril Lagasse’s Delmonico Steakhouse, Wolfgang Puck’s CUT and even TAO Asian Bistro & Nightclub just to name a few. All of these shops and eateries are nestled around a charming and faithful reproduction of Venice’s Grand Canal, complete with cobbled walkways, street side cafes and live street entertainment.


I hope all you loves are inspired and entertained this holiday season and that this information makes your shopping & entertainment destination selection a little easier. I look forward to hearing back from you in the comments section about your own experiences or if you have any questions for me. See you around Vegas loves!










One of my recent finds which has quickly become a fashion favorite of mine is the brand Zuldara.  Zuldara brings unique designs with luxurious quality to inspire you to embrace a bold and beautiful life. Zuldara is a fashion company with the real goal of providing quality and fashionable items made with the best materials and craftsmanship. Their motto is  “Exceptional Quality With Unique Designs, and Always Meant To Be Affordable”. Based upon what I have seen, I think they live up to that motto very well. They also strive to create “Bold  Designs, Always with Function”. 





With their selection of fashionable yet functional items, they help you to create your own style and embrace your inner goddess. Providing quality bags and jewelry, supported by excellent customer service, they are a great choice for your online shopping selections. I highly recommend you check out their website and find your own passion. Regardless if it is their well made bags with quality materials or their stylish watches with beautiful designs which are sure to make you the fashion envy of your friends and ensure you will be asked “where did you get that?”.

Please remember luvies, I only write about products that I personally like and use. Therefore you have my personal recommendation for Zuldara. I have had the pleasure to use and enjoy both their bags and watches and have found they fit my style very well.





Followers of my Instagram feed will remember the beautiful Zuldara purse as part of my favorite fall fashion accessories. As fashionable and adorable as that was, I am equally excited with their watches as well. Zuldara has a goal of providing clients with exquisite items made through superb craftsmanship and with luxurious materials and they have certainly met the mark with the watch I reviewed.


The style I received is named Novus Bianca. An impressive name for an impressive timepiece. The beautiful white face with an artistic Rose Gold Butterfly design is sure to accent almost any fashion ensemble and is especially fitting for fall and winter themes. The white leather strap made from the same quality leather they use in their purses makes the watch pop on my wrist.

Zuldara has many designs to choose from and I am certain you will find one of their pieces a perfect fit for whatever you are wearing.

I look forward to hearing your comments on Zuldara. Please send me your comments and let me know what you think and your own experiences with Zuldara and remember to check them out for your next fashion accessory purchase.

(The products were gifted and all are 100% my review)



I recently had the opportunity to be acquainted with Hey Casey! They can style your phone with amazing and cool designs that will definitely match your personality and at the same time be stylish.

They specialize in soft TPU cases and hard cover case for selected devices. Their cases are designed to absorb low impact and prevent scuffing and general wear and tear of your device.

Hey Casey! promotes their cases as fashion accessories rather than protective covers. Their phone cases are individually printed with a high quality UV printer imported from Japan. They personally process, print and dispatch each case themselves. Instead of selling cheaply designed Asian imports, they create custom designs to compliment your personal style. Be sure to check out their web site and select the design that sets you apart from the crowd.

They deliver worldwide and all cases are shipped quickly so you don’t have to wait long to style your phone your way. Check HEY CASEY! and let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing back from you. Feel free to use my COUPON CODE: HEYANNE to avail a 15% discount!

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