Going The Extra Mile For Your Next Date Night



Regardless of whether you’re single or in a committed relationship, it’s essential that you go on dates from time to time. For attached couples, that means getting out of the house and doing something exciting together. For single people, that could mean spending a few hours with a potential partner and getting to know them better. Sometimes you will want to go the extra mile to ensure your date seems as magical and memorable as possible. With that in mind, take a moment to read through some of the ideas on this page and see if any of them appeal to you.


Buy tickets for a theater performance


Most people skip straight to the meal when arranging a date night with their partner or someone new. However, sometimes you want to go a step further and ensure you can spend as much time together as possible. Going to the theater is an excellent idea because everyone loves watching some of the most popular shows according to https://www.timeout.com. You are sure to start your date on the right footing if you visit a theater before you eat. It will help to set the tone and give you something interesting to talk about when sitting around the table a couple of hours later. So, single people going on dates who struggle to make conversation could benefit from that idea.


Book a table at an upmarket restaurant


Next up, you’ll need to arrange some food for the date, and it’s always sensible to book a table at a popular restaurant in your hometown. Go all out and avoid the budget venues because you deserve to treat yourself and your date. You can read reviews and seek recommendations online if you get stuck for ideas. In most instances, upmarket restaurants only reserve their tables for a maximum of two hours. That is why booking some theater tickets is a wise move. Nobody wants their date to end before the drinks start flowing, right?


Arrange luxury transportation to the venue


Lastly, if you’re willing to go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to impressing your date; think about booking a limousine or something similar. The specialists from http://fllimoride.com/ say it’s always sensible to make the arrangements as far in advance as possible, especially if you need it for Valentine’s or something similar. That way, you should manage to avoid disappointment. You can hire the luxury vehicle and a drive to take you to and from the date, and the other person is going to feel amazed by the amount of effort you put into making the evening as special as possible.

Now you know how to go the extra mile on your next date night and ensure you have a fantastic time no matter what happens; you should feel a little more enthusiastic about making the arrangements and spending time with someone close to you. If the date goes badly, at least you will have had a decent time. So, now is the time to ask your partner when they have a free evening or head down to a local bar and see if you can meet someone suitable. Enjoy!




You might still be in a state of shock and unable to believe that’s your finger with the giant sparkler on it, but you need to take that overwhelming euphoria you’re feeling and turn it into one heck of a party. That’s right. The ring you’re wearing calls for a lot of fun events, from your hen night to your big day. But before you get onto that, it’s time for you to boast about your fiance-status at your very own engagement bash.

So, without further ado, here is everything you need to know about pulling off a picturesque proposal do:


  1. The Simplest Way To Go Stress-Free

There is no point in letting anything ruin your first “look-at-my-ring-finger” celebration, which is why you need to remove all the stress you can and speak to an event planner, someone like Simply Elegant, who won’t just be there to help pull the strings, but remind you of anything you might be forgetting and chirpse in with a few amazing ideas too. Doing it all yourself is admirable, but hiring a bit of help is sensible.


  1. Pick A Party Host

If you’re the traditional type, then you’ll want to ask your parents (presuming you’re the bride that is) if they would like to play host. If, however, you’re not the conventional type, then feel free to throw your own engagement bash, or ask your best friends to see if they want to do the honors. It’s You could even go down the, “I want two or three engagement bashes” and take the pressure off any one person. You could have a quiet-ish one with your folks, a wilder one with your friends and then go and see your out-of-town college friends for another. Whatever you like.


  1. Set A Date That Suits You

There is no set time frame in which you need to settle on a date. It all depends on how long you plan your engagement to be. That means you could throw a party a few weeks after you said “YES!” or you could wait a whole six months. So long as you have a small family gathering super-soon, you’ll be free to do whatever you like. There is absolutely no rush when it comes to the all-out, lavish affair you’ve been dreaming of for a while, meaning the first month should be left alone.


  1. Your Perfect Place

Once again, traditionally speaking, the classic venue options are a nice restaurant, upmarket hotel or at the family home. But pretty much everywhere is fair game. You could have a beach party if you wanted, hire an art gallery to do your thing or have a block party in your honor. The trick is to pick somewhere that is special to you and to have it mimic the formality of the party you want to have. Casual dos can be done in a local park, for instance.


  1. Start Choosing Guests

There is only one important rule when it comes to your engagement party guest list: anyone you invite to your engagement you will also need to be invited to your wedding day.



A good party is something you never quite forget. If you attend a big bash full of your best friends and loved ones, with plenty of entertainment and some good cocktails to mix up, you’re going to have a great night where you can really let loose! And because of that, we look forward to any hint of being invited out and being able to leave all our responsibilities behind!


So think about how good a surprise party is going to feel when you throw a fantastic one for your best friend or your sister or your partner, and surround them with everything they could enjoy in a single day or night! A party doesn’t even need to be for a particular occasion: you can throw one just because you feel like it, and because you really love the person it’s dedicated to. So if you’ve got time coming up over your weekend, this is a good plan to go with, and you can use the tips below to make it a real blast.



Find the Best Date


A date with meaning is the best possibility here, but we don’t always have those to hand so let’s just stick to a date when everybody is free. Contact all of the potential guests from the start and find out their schedules, and then choose the time when most people are available. It’s OK to lose one or two people here in your attempt to arrange a surprise party as soon as possible, but if any more than five of your attendees can’t make it, you should put a hold on your plans and wait till later.


This is also a good chance for you to book someone’s time well ahead of schedule, as people like to arrange their days and nights out on weekends, which reduce your ability to book them for the time a party is usually held. Also remember, you’re going to have to get the guests over in a way that the recipient won’t notice, and if they suddenly get radio silence from all their nearest and dearest, they’re going to suspect that something is up. Come up with a lie for them to quickly spin if they’re asked by the recipient what they’re doing currently and if they have any time to meet; it’d be so awkward for everyone involved if this isn’t prepared!


Would a Theme Be Fun?


Themes always make everything a little more fun, but it has to be something someone can easily go all out for to dress up in. Consider your guests and how they would feel about it, and also make sure the person you’re throwing the party for would love the theme you’ve picked; if they’re a history nerd, dressing like Ancient Greeks and Romans would be awesome, and if they like sci-fi, a space and aliens theme would be so much fun.


It also makes the party a lot easier to decorate for, and you really can put all the effort in to make sure the room looks like an ancient temple or the inside of a spaceship. Lay out some similarly themed food and drinks spread, and don’t forget how either of these interiors would smell to really complete the package!

Make Sure You Commemorate the Time!


And by that we mean take plenty of photos and have a video camera rolling to capture the face of the surprise-ee when they come into the room; it’s a reaction you’re absolutely going to want to watch back together, and even tease them about their expression over. Surprise parties don’t happen all too often because of the effort it takes to arrange them, so have people stationed at all the best angles of the party as the person comes in to get confetti and cheer thrown on them.


You can also make the photos a huge part of the party, and go a professional route here by getting the pictures done by https://boothboyphotobooth.com/. If you have a whole photo booth to yourself for the night, you’re going to able to take photos before and after with clear definition and some funky effects, as well as document how drunk each of the guests is getting as the party goes on! And if you have some masks to wear to make the photos even sillier, well the more’s the merrier!


Planning a surprise party can be so much fun, but it’s even more fun when you pull it off properly!


A few months back at the end of January, I had the opportunity to attend the Las Vegas Market Week as the guest of Level Brands and Kathy Ireland. One of the main reasons Kathy was there was to highlight her new furniture line collaboration with Michael Amini.


During our day long visit there, I had many opportunities to see hundreds of different furniture lines and walked even more show rooms seeing so many different styles and layouts. I also had the pleasure to make some connections with great companies. One of which was Nourison which is a well known quality Rug company. After talking with them, I came up with the Idea to try and transform my living room design with the help of some of the best furniture and home décor companies in the business to keep me under a budget I can actually afford.


After the show, I reached out to many other companies about working with me to either sponsor or discount some items to help me achieve the look I wanted for my living room makeover Although most of my inquiries went unanswered, some amazing companies got back to me and either offered me huge discounts or free product in order to help me with my goal.

Well, almost 3 months have passed, and I am about 95% there and ready to write about the experience and the final product, as well as publish my pictures here in my blog and on my IG feed. I started my new look with changing up the color of my room and lightening the look. I was going for a light look with some darker accents. Country Modern Rustic is what my hubby called it (is that a real term?), well for me it’s a combo of a rustic beach house and farmhouse haha.


Step one, change the area rug at the center of the room. We are currently in an apartment while we still look and save for our home. We can’t change the carpet colors, so a nice area rug can brighten the space. One of the first brands to come to my aid in my makeover was Nourison with an amazing area rug. The rug I chose is from their Twilight collection. A 5×6 White and Grey diamond pattern with a modern look, yet the light color to brighten up my room. Also, from Nourison are 4 accent pillows. 2 Charcoal grey 20 x 20 fur plush and 2 Pink beaded 16 x 16 with over lapping circular patterns.


Then came the biggest change in the room, a new TV Console. I searched many different websites looking for the perfect piece to fit within my room concept. I was very fortunate to find and work with Crafters and Weavers. A Chicago based family owned company which got their start in Oriental Rugs and expanded into Amish made Mission and Arts and Crafts furniture. Now Crafters and Weavers has launched a popular collection of Reclaimed Wood and Industrial style furniture. It is no wonder they have grown into a major online furniture store. I love that the piece arrived well packed and complete. Not in 100 pieces with 5 pages of instructions and 3 hours of frustration before its complete. What arrives from Crafters and Weavers is a true piece of craftsmanship.


I relocated my Wayfair 5 tier white ladder shelf from my office to the living room where I can show off pictures and keepsakes as well as have some room for the needed greenery and life that house plants add to any room décor.

Next to the TV console is the play/Sleep area for our K-9 bubbas. Here we have a 6’ Gray Striped Kids Teepee from Best Choice Products.  Best Choice Products sells high-quality and family-friendly products you can trust. BCP offers countless categories such as home décor, outdoor items, toys and even fitness.

What makes a room complete is the accessories and décor. The right décor and memories throughout a room can change and or enhance the overall feeling and make a significant difference in if the roomworks. For example, if you put a sculpture of a whale in a room with a western theme, it will not only stand out, it will kind of ruin the flow of the room and then you just have decoration chaos.

Some of the items I used to round out my room (I can’t say complete, because I doubt I will ever finish or be satisfied) I already owned and some others I acquired either through collaboration or I just couldn’t resist buying. I’m sure we have all been online and see that item, you just “have to” have, and a few clicks and days later, surprise Hubby! Another package from Amazon/USPS/FedEx/UPS etc. lol…


Some of the items filling the shelves and table tops of my room I am happy to tell you about. A cute “Explore” sign in the shape of the United states reminds me of my goal to travel more and hopefully one day have visited all of the U.S. I found this cute item from Wal-Mart (In Kingman AZ.) while on a road trip. Also, I found a little inspirational décor sign and little lavender plants.


A little white tin can vase is perfect for some colorful dried flowers. This was a fun find on Amazon. A three-layered tin tray is perfect to hold little tchotchke’s. A good companion for the tray is a 5 glass bottle runner set filled with dried green plants all in a wood framed holder. Both the tray bottle set came from one of my favorite stores, Kirkland. Whether walking around their store (for hours) or surfing their HUGE selection online, I never fail to find items I love. Their combination of style and great prices make shopping with Kirkland easy (too easy if you ask my Hubby).

Every home and room needs a little love. Mine comes from a wooden script sculpture that spells love that I found at Oriental Trading. Lastly to bring good vibes and scents to my room I found some great candles from Chesapeake Bay Candle. The candle set in a frosted white jar has the amazing scent of Sea Salt Coconut. The selection from Chesapeake Bay is unparalleled and the place to go to find the perfect candle for your home. I just love their scents!


There are other items, too many to count that fill my room and I could go on for days listing them all, but I wanted to make sure that I acknowledged many of the wonderful companies that helped me to achieve my makeover and get as close to my dream room that I could get without starting with a custom designed room space. That’s next.. ha ha.. just don’t tell the hubby. He is still stressed from the last makeover…


I look forward to hearing your feedback about what you think and encourage you to try out some of the amazing companies yourselves to add to or improve your home décor. Let me know what you think in the comment section. Please feel free to check my Instagram post and stories to see more all the finishing touches

See you online Lovies!

3 Ways to Enjoy a Weekend on a Budget

So you’ve got a free weekend lined up, and you’re dying to cut loose and just have a good time. The only problem is that your wallet is full of cobwebs and your online banking display is letting you know in no uncertain terms that you don’t have a lot of excess dough to throw around until next payday.

So, what to do? Are you doomed to just sit at home watching YouTube videos and feeling sorry for yourself?

Well, of course not. Here’s a straightforward list of ways you can have some fun on the cheap.


Various websites exist specifically for the purpose of offering you discounts and coupons for various experiences and services. These run the entire gamut, from services offering you coupons for cheaper shopping, to sites selling cheap concert tickets, or even jack-of-all-trade sites like Livingsocial which allow you to find a wide spectrum of highly-discounted experiences to take advantage of.

The point is that if you do your homework and keep a few strategic bookmarks to hand, you can often end up surprising yourself with just how easy and straightforward it can be to do the same activities you’d originally planned, for less money.


Travelling across town to meet up with friends in a swanky bar might not be kind on your bank balance, but hosting your own party, movie night, or get-together with trusted friends can be a far more cost-effective way of having a good time.

Simply invite everyone down to hang out for a barbecue or something similar, and make it known that everyone should bring their own booze and one item of food each.

For this kind of get together, your personal expenses can easily be virtually zero, and you’ll still get to have a great and memorable day with friends.


One of the many great things about nature is that it’s free to explore and enjoy — or at least, very nearly free.

If you’re in a tight financial situation and can’t justify a night out on the town, you can almost certainly still justify the drive to your nearest area of natural beauty. Take a few friends or loved ones with you, and make a day of hiking down some gorgeous trails. Not only will you get some exercise and fresh air, but you’ll also have a great opportunity to practice some mindfulness and stress relief.

Walking around in a beautiful natural setting is a long sight more peaceful than being in the city, close to the normal concerns and preoccupations of everyday life.

Even if you don’t feel like committing to a full day of hiking around, or don’t have a large natural area nearby, you can still pack a picnic hamper and a good book and go hang out in the park. Getting out of the house — even if you’re not doing anything major — opens the door to all kinds of opportunities for fun and wellbeing.

LEXUS LC500 2018

It’s not often that the husband and I get to drive around in a $100,000 car, but recently thanks to Lexus USA, we had such an opportunity. Although there are a few models that are not quite as much, Lexus provided us with their top of the line model with all the possible extras.

There were only 2 real complaints the entire week we drove this amazing car.
#1. Neither my husband nor I are fans of Lexus’s Infotainment/Navigation system. It may work better if we put in the time to really know all the in’s and out’s of how it works, but it just doesn’t feel intuitive after using the Android Auto system that seems much more user friendly and integrates with Google Maps and all Google can offer.

#2. I am not a fan of how low and difficult to get in and out of the car it is. I know, I know, its a sports car. So really, this is by no means the cars fault, its simply my preference. The nubby on the other hand didn’t mind and more than loved his drive time in the car.

The car is heavy for a small car, and that works in its favor when it comes to handling and how it feels on the road. It comes in just shy of 4400 pounds with the performance package. Adding to the feel and performance as well as the overall gorgeous look is the huge 21 inch forged aluminum wheels that come with Michelin Pilot Super Sport run-flat tires. Lexus tried to offset a little weight with the sexy carbon fiber weave sun roof. It didn’t open which I was a little disappointed in while we were driving along the beach in Palos Verdes, but it does let in the light which is certainly nice.

As far as performance, the hubby was pleased. He was a little upset that he had recently broken his arm and was still healing, so it just wasn’t safe to use the auto stick or paddle transmission options that were calling out to him. He also, didn’t get a chance to feel out the curves like he really would have liked to because without 2 strong hands, a car this powerful definitely needs two strong hands to control. The car comes in multiple drive settings to select from ( Eco, Comfort, Normal, Custom, Sport, and Sport+) and although he did try each one, as I said, with his arm, he didn’t really get to drive it like I am sure the engineers built it to be driven. The road felt almost not there most of the time and except for an occasional pot hole or bump. you really don’t feel like you are in a low sports car. It feels smooth like a luxury sedan. Kudos to Lexus for this engineering feat. With 471 horsepower and a 4.4-second 0-to-60 time, the most powerful Lexus V8 ever built is also one of the most powerful naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8 engines in the world. You will have no doubt about the power under your hood when driving this baby.

Lastly, when it comes to looks, this car is a beast! It looks as fast as it is and is as sexy inside as it is outside. I have never had so many people stop and stare at the car I was in or compliment me of the car. Of course, never once did I say, "its not mine". I simply smiled from ear to ear and said "thanks". The full leather interior (although as I said felt a little small for me) pleased the hubby very much. He said the seats were very comfortable, even on the drive from Vegas to L.A. which usually troubles his back. Not a complaint from him this time. He also commented on how he felt like he was in a cockpit and how it made him feel more in control, especially around corners and when changing lanes at higher highway speeds. He said it simply was a pleasure to drive.

Overall, even given my preference feelings about sports cars being so low and all, the ride in the car was amazing and I more than enjoyed my time in it as a passenger. Should you be in the market for a car in this price range or type. I couldn't give it a much higher recommendation. Other than the learning curve with the Lexus Infotainment system and joystick/pad feature, I really don't have anything to complain about. The combined rating from the Hubby and I for this car comes in at an amazingly high 9.8. Lexus has made a near perfect sports car and forever will have our respect.

So, now is your chance to comment and tell me what you think about this amazing automobile. Have you driven one? Do you own one? Will you run out and buy one now? If you do, let me know and come back and give me a ride, because I want MORE! See you online loves!


Recently, the hubby and I had the opportunity to test drive the Lexus RX 350 for a week. We didn’t do anything special, we simply treated the car as it was our own. We went back and forth to work, went grocery shopping and even took our usual day off field trip like all the way to Red Rock Canyon National Park for some of our favorite scenery and a beautiful sunset.

So, you’re probably wondering, Is the Lexus RX 350 a Good SUV?

The RX’s semi-average rating by most of the major magazines is more a matter of the very competitive class it is in rather than any true faults with the RX. In fact, it won US New’s Best Luxury 2-Row SUV for the Money because it has the best combination of overall quality and value in the class. The RX has a strong V6 engine and a comfortable ride. There is more than enough passenger room in the RX, but cargo space is less than I would expect for a vehicle of its price. Additionally, The number one issue we had, was the upgraded infotainment system is difficult to get used to and in my hubbies opinion, he far prefers Android Auto features over Lexus’s proprietary system.

Would I Buy the Lexus RX 350?

The Lexus RX is a good choice for those who want a reliable and capable daily driver without too much extravagance. Sure, you could pay much more for other choices and maybe find some with better performance, but probably not for the money. The RX has a gorgeous interior and the luxury features were plenty and easy to get spoiled by. The RX is no doubt a good value. Buying one should also be a straightforward process since there are only two trim levels, and most options are grouped into packages.

The comfort of the ride and interior, as well as the slew of safety features (not to mention backing up to an 18-inch wide infotainment screen), are easy to get used to and quickly miss once the car was gone.

How Much Does the Lexus RX 350 Cost?

The 2017 that we drove is priced at At $43,220, the 2017 & 18 RX has one of the lowest starting prices among luxury midsize SUVs. The performance-oriented 2017 RX F Sport retails for $49,020. Both models come standard with front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive is available for about $1,500. Add-ons that increase the RX’s price include the Luxury package and Navigation package. The model we drove did have a lot of upgrades including the luxury package and the information we saw with the vehicle listed a drive off price just under $52,000. With all that said, for the extra money and our experience with the RX, I think I can safely say, we would most certainly pay the extra to max out the features.

Our overall rating for this mid-size SUV/Crossover is an 8.5 out of 10. However, when you factor is how it is priced when compared to some of the others in its class and what you get for the price, the rating easily jumps to a 9.5. For the cost, you cant do much better for a combination of luxury, power, and style than the Lexus RX 350. For that alone, we would highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a mid-sized SUV or Crossover.

Let me know what you think and if you have any feedback of your own. Your comments are always welcome. I look forward to hearing from you.



Hey luvies, I have been busy for the past weeks as we had spent weekend in LA, events here and there, and more collaboration with amazing brands!

Speaking of brands, few weeks ago, I had a chance to attend one of the biggest event in town. The Las Vegas Market held the home exI got my new chandelier from Best Choice Products. I saw this first when I attended the Las Vegas Expo where all amazing home interior products are there. From furnitures, carpets, decors, and lightings.


At the Las Vegas Market event, I saw a trend in some of the unique shapes to lighting throughout the home and I told my hubby at the time that I wanted to add one of these unique lights to our home to change up the feeling of our rooms. We decided that for our firstt light, that we would try it out in the dining room, as I had other grand ideas in the living area, plus we really need a light with a ceiling fan attached for the spring and summer months in Las Vegas. We were excited when the company I love to work with (Best Choice Products) had a design that was similar to what I fell in love with and I know I can count on them for quality products.

When it arrived, I couldn’t wait to hang it. I’m glad I didn’t wait long, because it really looks fancy in my dining room and it has a great light and really makes my mirrored wall art looks even more sparkly!😍💕 . It really has changed the feel of the small but important room in our home.

Best Choice Products always has the best quality and their delivery is very fast. I never have any concerns when I am ordering from them. Also, I have had nothing but good experience with their customer service as well. With such a giant range of products, I would encourage you all to check them out and see what awesome stuff they have to make your life shine bright.

Just a little bit of advice if you buy this same piece, be sure to have 2 people handy to install, wear gloves (because the crystals are sharp) and be sure to adjust the wires for the right shape before you install. My only complaint is that their instructions on this piece should warn about adjusting the wires for the correct shape prior to hanging, and there should be a strong warning about using gloves as I said above. Except for that, I am very happy with my dining room light makeover!

Let me know what you think about it and be sure to check out. Should you want to purchase this exact Chandelier— click here.


The new year has come and gone, almost so fast it seems like a blur. These days it is out photos, videos and written memories that remind us of these special times when we look back years from now. Now we are about to venture into February and there we are faced with the time of the year when we either long for a love or will go out of our way to remind the love we have how special they are.

Being a social media Influencer and blogger, I wondered in advance how I would creatively express my feelings about Valentine’s day this year to my followers. Of course, I can’t actually wait until that day, because that day is reserved for my Hubby. I looked around town and online to find where to shop for the little things I need to perfect my Valentine’s themed photo shoot. I picked up a few thing here and there around town at the usual spots, such as Dollar General, Target and of course Michael’s, but where I found my biggest selection of fun party favors and photo worthy items was from a new favorite which has been around for a long time. Oriental Trading Company was my new web site to find many of the party and holiday themed trinkets I needed to fulfill my photo fantasy.

Oriental Trading Company is the nation’s largest direct retailer of value-priced party supplies, arts and crafts, school supplies, toys and novelties. The company has been recognized as one of the Top 20 Internet Retailers based on customer satisfaction, and I am indeed satisfied not only with what I found, but with their prices and quick shipping as well. In just a couple of days time I received my order at my door and I was ready to start of creating my special Valentine’s Day Vintage Picnic.

I encourage you to look carefully at the details in my picnic to see all the little items that together make up my festive Valentine’s fantasy picnic and if you feel inspired, a little romantic or if it just makes you curious, head on over to Oriental Trading website and create your own memories by decorating for a special event, party or even your own fantasy photo shoot you can share with your loved ones. When your done, come back and share your stories or photos with me and let me know about how Oriental Trading Company made your event special.

Until then, Happy New Year and I hope you have an amazing Valentines day with that special someone. Even if that special someone is yourself, treat yourself special this year.

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